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Lore Earley, Business Energist Expert
Lore Earley is an Intuitive Consultant, Business Energist (named by Kelly O’Neil herself), the “Clarity Queen”, a Licensed Psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, speaker, believer in the healing forces of nature, adventurer, witty writer, and a hopeless fan of House Hunters International. She uses her gift of reading souls and business energy to help entrepreneurs and small businesses owners quickly and efficiently diagnose why their business has become stuck and stagnant so they stop wasting time by willy-nilly guessing, and have a clear action plan to fix it. Lore is also one of the experts behind “The Breakthrough Crew”, where she and her business partner hold VIP Healing Experiences for professionals who are fed up because their internal chaos due to trauma or a difficult life event is seriously impacting their business/career and relationships. To learn more about Lore, visit http://www.soulwisdomlore.com.

Profitpreneur Type: Innovator

Christie (Michelsen) Martin, Copy Writing Expert
Christie (Michelsen) Martin provides results-driven business writing services to companies serving elite markets, including: The Intellectual Elite: Engineers, C-suite executives and other highly educated individuals The Financial Elite: Affluent markets, including luxury consumers and high end business buyers The Heart Elite: Environmentally, socially, and spiritually aware audiences The high-level individuals who make up these audiences are highly sensitive to nuances of word and meaning, and they want to do business with people who understand and sympathize with their worldview. They can be quite skeptical, and don’t like to be sold. Christie is one of the rare copywriters with the sensitivity, experience, and insight to consistently and effectively speak to these audiences. As principal of Green Ink Copywriting, Christie has helped dozens of companies—from dedicated solopreneurs to top level agencies and multi-national corporations—improve their client retention, lead generation, and sales conversion through the written word.

Profitpreneur Type: Innovator

Seth Greene
Podcast Expert
Seth Greene is the world’s #1 trusted authority on cutting-edge direct response marketing, a best-selling author, the only 3x Marketer Of The Year Nominee, and the founder of Market Domination LLC.

Profitpreneur Type: Strategist

Cynthia Marshall, Money Mindset Coach
Transformational Money Mindset & Identity Coach, Inspirational musician, and Spoken Word recording artist. Cynthia Marshall is the creator of the Wealthy Woman GPS System and Identity Scripts™ (custom recorded affirmations for daily use with the Miracle Morning practice). After earning her MBA in 2004, Cynthia was recruited to one of the nations top Wealth Management firms; With over $10,000,000 in assets under management she served hundreds of clients ranging from employees to new entrepreneurs to 7 figure business owners to help them manage their assets, prepare for retirement and accumulate wealth.

In 2014 Cynthia became a certified Success Coach and a certified Money, Marketing & Soul Coach. She specializes in helping Entrepreneurs step into their power by upleveling their mindset to claim their true identity and break through any Money Mindset blocks that have hindered their personal or professional success.

Profitpreneur Type: Innovator

Diane Conklin
Diane Conklin is an internationally known author, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, marketing and business strategist, implementation specialist and speaker. Diane is a direct response marketing expert who specializes in showing business owners how to have strategic business growth through Complete Marketing Systems by turning their businesses into money making machines.

For more than 20 years Diane has been leading small businesses to bigger profits through her coaching, marketing funnels, systems, and by providing done-for-you services to clients all over the world.

As the founder of Complete Marketing Systems, Diane has been involved in numerous campaigns grossing over $1,000,000.00 several times in her career and routinely helps people grow businesses to 6 figures, and beyond.

Diane was voted Glazer-Kennedy Marketer of the Year for her innovative marketing strategies and campaigns and was nominated for Atlanta Business Woman of the Year.

Dr. Dennis Cummins,The Speakers' Trainer
Public speaking is by far the best way to market and promote your program, your product, your service and yourself. “The best way to let people let people to know what you do and how well you do it… is to Tell Them” For more than a decade, Dennis has been teaching Aspiring Speakers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Authors and Coaches the strategies necessary to propel their business to massive success. Dr. Cummins established his first training company in 2008. Since then, he has taught over 64,000 people on 6 continents how to build business and become more successful by learning to communicate more effectively. His ability to coach and mentor other professional, and aspiring, speakers to reach greater levels of success has earned him the nickname “The Speakers’ Trainer”.

Kasey Anton
Kasey Anton is a former Restaurateur turned Bookkeeper – but wait, there’s more!

After living the high-end (and low-end) restaurateur lifestyle and experiencing the BEST and WORST that world has to offer, Kasey decided to take her knowledge and true-life experiences and turn it into a business that can help others navigate some of the pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest lessons learned on her journey? NUMBERS DON’T LIE. But we sometimes lie to ourselves – especially about business. So, knowing your numbers, the true, accurate, real, down and dirty, no-holds barred NUMBERS of your business is KEY to the success of your business. And Kasey knows her numbers, and she’ll make sure you know yours too.

Along her journey, she came across a real game-changer known as “Profit First” – a simple yet ridiculously effective cash management tool that EVERY business should be using (and I mean EVERY). Once discovered, Kasey became a Profit First Professional Mastery Member, one of less than 40 in the world, and now works with businesses all across the US to help “eradicate entrepreneurial poverty”.

Kasey’s sole mission, and she and her Team have chosen to accept it, is to help business owners take control of their business, control of their numbers, drive the business toward its truest vision, and to be rewarded for that valiant effort.


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