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Mark Victor Hansen, www.markvictorhansen.com, author of One Minute Millionaire and Chicken Soup For the Soul, calls Kelly "an extraordinary Strategist."

Mega Marketing Guru Seth Godin named Kelly’s Company "One of the Most Innovative Companies in America." They also bestowed upon her the coveted Purple Cow Innovator Award for Excellence In Business Innovation.

The late Jay Conrad Levinson, www.guerrillamarketing.com, author of Guerrilla Marketing, said Kelly is "Dynamite" and asked to co-author Guerrilla Business Strategy with her!

"Not only is Kelly highly respected among her peers as a marketing and business strategist who helps her clients get results, but her authentic, down to earth demeanor easily shatters any preconceived false notions people may have about this elite group of coaches."

"Kelly O’Neil has been a beacon in business ever since I’ve known her. She holds her clients to very high standards, because she holds herself to very high standards. I’m so please to see her pioneering the movement."
Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero REDHOTCOPY.COM

"If there’s anybody that can teach you everything you need to know about the ways to get to the affluent, and to get your products and programs in front of an affluent market that are ready to buy, willing to buy and will always buy no matter what’s going on in the economy, that’s Kelly."

"In this economy, it’s more important than ever that you know how to market to people that can afford to pay for your services. It’s a fact that premium buyers are the most loyal and tend to be most the profitable customers. If you’re going to use this strategy in your business, the best person to advise you is Kelly O’Neil."

"Kelly's ability to speak to the affluent market isn't something she's watched from the outside in: she knows this market because she's always been in this market! Knowing it's such an authentic fit, I gladly said yes to sharing her information with my audience."

"If you don't know Kelly, you should. This girl has been known to call people out on their B.S. (while loving them up at the same time.) She's a straight shooter with a heart of gold, and she's on a BIG mission to help aspiring women leaders share their true voice unabashedly with the world in a way that supports the evolution of humanity (yeah - she doesn't play small)".
- Marci Shimoff, NY Times Best Selling Author "Happy for No Reason."


What Our Clients Say…


"Hiring Kelly and her team to run my business was hands down the best business decision I’ve ever made. My revenue is up 70%, my profit is climbing and the headaches of running my practice are gone. They just handle everything. Now I’m back to doing what I love and focused on my patients. Plus, I have more time off than I’ve had in years. It is worth every penny." Dr. Renee Young, ND

"Within minutes of our meeting, Kelly gave me a laser focused strategy that brought in $100,000 in the first 30 days with no additional investment in marketing and it decreased my workload. Using this strategy, I’m now on track to have my most profitable year ever. I’ve now hired her for ongoing consulting and branding work. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my business." Chris Smith, The Viral Influence Guy

"Kelly is a branding genius! I never realized until I worked with Kelly and the team at Innovate the level of strategy that was involved in developing my brand and designing my platform. As a result, I now have several licensing deals and a few new TV shows."
Kelli Ellis, Celebrity Interior Designer for HGTV, Bravo and The Design Channel

"After 30 years of live events and hearing other talk about "marketing and selling high ticket offers", I came across the consulting of Kelly O'Neil. She is so radically different in her strategies; I've decided to listen to no one else on this topic. In fact, I've discovered she is the only expert that is actually teaching people to market directly to millionaires - not to mention that her private clientele are affluent celebrities and business owners - so she walks her talks.  Kelly O'Neil is the real expert of the marketing and selling to the affluent and if you have an opportunity to work with her, take it."  AJ Puedan

"Kelly O’Neil delivers! Every question I had, she had a strategy for. It’s going to save us years of trial and error and growth not to mention time, money and effort. I’ve made a lot money in this business, but up until the moment I’ve been doing it the haphazard way. Kelly laid out complete strategy, the complete marketing plan, the step-by-step, all in one day! And all I have to do is go out and implement it and I guarantee to you I’m going to create an additional 7 figures in this business this year alone." Dustin Mathews, Speakers Empire

"The strategies that she quickly put together for me and my business are incredible … it’s going to pay off tremendously. I came to Kelly with a product line that had a lot of holes in it, and Kelly just plugged them in. It’s priceless."
Milana Leshinsky , The Bliss Factor

"If you are stuck with your marketing, Kelly is generous, she’s fabulous – take advantage of the resources she’s offering you. " Mary Allen , America’s Inner Peace Coach

"In the second quarter I was over 50% of my revenues for the same time last year. I’ve changed my brand entirely. We’ve identified a new brand, a new website, new videos, new programs, I have a proprietary brand that I’m now offering. My business is just skyrocketing in a whole new arena, and I can’t thank Kelly enough."
Eva Gregory , Your Guidance On Demand

"I’ve followed Kelly for years, I was a member of her platinum program before and I got great results in my business, and tripled my revenue…and she has done it again. She managed to remodel my entire business in three days. So if you need to take your business to the next level, if you need to reach the affluent and grow your business, definitely choose Kelly O’Neil."
Erin Feree , Elf Design

"Less than a year ago I was at a crossroad. My business was doing fine, but I was ready for more. I just didn’t know how to get there— or even what it would look like when I did. Enter Kelly O’Neil. Within my first month of consulting, I had strategies and plans in place to turn my one-man operation into a complete creative agency. We are now on the verge of relaunching my company with the vision of creating consistent income streams without as much work required. This has only happened because of my involvement with Kelly."
Cory Fossum , Fossum Creative, www.fossumcreative.com

"After one meeting and a couple brief conversations with Kelly, I was literally scared not to hire her. She’s nothing short of amazing—totally upbeat and focused on her clients’ success. Kelly has completely enrolled herself in my business and absolutely blown the doors down with an aggressive, results-oriented strategy that I simply would never have been able to put together on my own. She has injected vision, confidence and excitement into my business and I can’t wait to see what we’re going to do next! "
Sean Smith , MVP Promotions & Custom Printing, www.mvpprinting.com

“King’s Embroidery has used Kelly as our business consultant and she has really helped us improve the most important area in our business, the bottom line. Since we have been in her programs, we have tripled our gross revenues and profits. Kelly and her coaches are marketing geniuses who can help you take your business to the next level so much faster then you would have gotten there yourself. If you are not signed up to work with her, you are leaving money on the table. Call now for an appointment!”
Larry Nardi , King’s Embroidery, www.kembroidery.com

“If you’re looking for a truly innovative business consultant that will make a huge impact on your business, then you need to hire Kelly O’Nel. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for well over a year now and the results we’ve created are very visible. Our sales forecasting for this year was double what we did last year and Kelly has been instrumental in helping us achieve those results.” Shirin Oreizy , Next Step E Solutions, www.nextstep-esolutions.com

“If you want to take your business and marketing to the next level, hiring Kelly or getting in one of her programs could be the crucial trigger event for your career and your business. She is talented, dynamic, creative, and remarkably intuitive. The depth of her knowledge and experience is astounding.” Alan Eidinger , Silicon Valley Mortgage, www.siliconvalleymortgage.com

“I attribute the strategic guidance I received from Kelly O’Neil in the creation and structuring of my business. I’d tell anyone who wants exponential growth for their company to run (not walk!) to Kelly or one of her programs as fast as they can!”
Randy Peyser , Author One Stop, www.authoronestop.com

“Kelly is a kick-butt business advisor who will help any business owner get their company into shape. Kelly is creative and a great person to brainstorm with and is great to tell you what you may not want to hear, but what you need to hear to take control of your business. If your small business is struggling with cash flow, marketing, promotion, PR, or sales problems, Kelly will take your business to the next level.” Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

“The word ‘visionary’ is thrown around a lot in Silicon Valley. However, Kelly and her team are true visionaries. They have consistently provided our firm with excellent marketing strategies that have helped to brand us as a leader amongst estate planning law firms in the Valley. They truly go the extra mile to help each one of their clients become household names in their market. I recommend their services without reservation to any small business owner looking to double (or even triple) their revenues.” John Erik Fraker, Esq., Ainer & Fraker, L.L.P., www.ainerfraker.com

“We first hired the Kelly’s company to write our compensation plan and what a huge relief! Within 30 days we have a great salesperson who is working on 100% commission. We then joined one of her consulting programs and our coach has given us all the information we need to create an entire sales system to manage our sales force including helping us put in the structures to inspire them into high performance. The result is our bottom line is growing faster than ever. Now we are enrolling our salespeople in the program to help them achieve results faster. If you are ready to hire your sales team, hire UpLevel Strategies first. ” Tom Burns, Intelligent Network Services, www.intelligentns.com

"With Kelly's help in the last two years, I was able to take my business in to two successive growth years. 20% in 2011, 30% growth in 2012 and I'm on track to at least meet that for 2013. Thanks to her, not only is my spirit thriving, my business is thriving."

"Today it's just shy of six months after my VIP coaching day with Kelly, and my company has a new name, a new logo, a new high-end looking website, new videos, a new proprietary system. And we have signed on two high-end clients!"

"In less than six months, I rebranded, created a strategic growth map, landed a huge JV opportunity, launched my online channel and started speaking at key industry events. I feel so confident and empowered in my business. My revenue is on track to ROI 5X in the next six months. Investing with Kelly was the Best.. Business... Decision... Ever! " 

"I didn't even have time to implement all of Kelly's brilliant strategies before I had my best month ever and catapulted my business past the six-figure mark within two months. I expect more, I charge more and I'm attracting more perfect clients than ever before. Kelly really is 'The Golden Goose!'" Julie D. Stege MAGICAL-MARKETING.COM

"Kelly is so encouraging and so specific with marketing language and information that I leave each call seeing myself differently. My offers have expanded and so has my income. I am not shy about asking for referrals now! I am implementing value adds for my clients, and many of the ideas came directly from Kelly."

“When I met Kelly, my business was tanking. Now my revenue has tripled by marketing to high-end clients. I highly recommend any opportunity to study with her!”
Diana Bertoldo www.dianabertoldo.com

“So far, I've attracted three new high-paying clients. Kelly’s programs are invaluable because of her dedication, energy, and laser-sharp insight. The support and input of other program participants has also been fantastic. I highly recommend her programs!”
Robin Treasure www.robintreasure.com

“In just 48 hours I generated $4800 in new business! More importantly I broke the hold my ego and limiting beliefs had on me. Now I know I have this capacity in my tool box whenever I need to put it into action. Thanks Kelly!”
Stephanie Owens Pleaseaholics

“Talk about over-delivering! This has been my absolute best bang for the buck ever. I was just blown away by the HECI program and results. My schedule hasn't been this full in several years. Kelly and her team are great to work with, supportive, full of helpful suggestions that invite me to shift my thinking and change my behavior in a way that supports future success.”
Dot Spaet, Back Pain Specialist www.getoutofbackpain.com

"You looked really A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. on the video and thank you for all the brilliant content you are sharing. There are no acceptable excuses to not succeed. You and your products are SUPER, SUPER VALUABLE and FANTASTIC! Thank you" 
Klara Maučec

"WOOT WOOT! First follow-up call, $1000 VIP day booked for October!"
Nichole Webb Rivera

"My business was going pretty well – I loved my work and loved my clients – but at the same time I felt there was something missing, something that could be improved and I wasn’t reaching my full potential and I could not figure out what that thing was. I think Kelly’s gift is activating your potential because she has this way of cutting right to the heart of the matter in this clear, straightforward direct way…Two days after my coaching call with Kelly, I was already doubling my profits... That freed up my energy to serve my clients in a better way…and that’s an incredible thing and a beautiful gift, so I’m really grateful to Kelly for being able to so clearly express what I needed to do and to give me the expert guidance on how to do it. " Colleen McGunnigle Design By Muse

"I’ve been working with Kelly for about a year…my experience with Kelly is that she is exceptionally generous with her information and she’s completely in your corner. I came into this with zero business experience…I’m suddenly in a place where I’m ready to take off and really get moving."Dorine Kramer Doctor

"I cannot believe the transformations I’ve experience over the last 8 months. I have a successful wedding planning company, but always thought there was something missing. Kelly gave me the tools and the encouragement to pursue such a larger picture. It has been absolutely incredible in terms of me being able to go, and know that I have a support system in place to push me when I need to, and to support me when I need it, and to be able to achieve anything I desire. " Jodi Gagne Simply Perfect

"I was feeling lost and confused about how to take my business to the next level. Kelly is so masterful at strategy and branding...and in a minute she was able to take my business, and with a laserbeam focus, see exactly the steps I need to take to take it to the next level."
Shanti Pincock Energy Heal

"How did we get to be so lucky to expand beyond what we know is possible with such fierce, amazing potent woman - so excited to know what you know and be a contribution!"
Sara Jane Farrell

"Thank you for enhancing my life"
Nancy Ferrari

"From Kelly, I learned that I can step into my own space and be the leader that I need to be in order to have a successful business."
Terri Romine

"Quite simply, the fact that I AM a leader – I never really thought of myself that way – and that’s been a transformation that’s been brewing inside of me without my ever realizing it, and for her [Kelly] to point that out to me has been a huge a-ha moment.
" Tina Steinberg

"The amazing Kelly O'Neil is an Extraordinary Leader - and beyond generous with her content!"
Lisa Crisalle

"Kelly's live events are so worth the travel, time and expense."
Dorothy Jantzen

"I was blown away by the responsiveness, integrity and attention to important details that I received in every interaction I've had with the people who make up Kelly’s company.
" Carla Reeves

"I was very impressed with Kelly's ability to hone in on the key issues people confront in getting their businesses up and running. I can tell you that she has an excellent perspective on what it takes to get your business up, running, and growing.
" Dorina Lanza

"Kelly O'Neil was instrumental in me finding the direction I needed to move forward to build my new business."
Susan Brady

"Kelly is completely changing the landscape of the way people are doing business. I love how authentic she is. "
Shanda Sumpter

"I am very grateful to have find Kelly while my business is in its infancy stage. I don't have to spend the time and the money discovering things she already figured out for you, I can just do it right the first time.
" Lisa Huening

"Marketing to Millionaires is kick ass and I feel you offer tremendous value and amazing content! A program must be clear and workable and layer. It seems so many are doing the whole "Speedy Gonzalez" coaching thing. People need to process and a program needs to factor this in while combining high value content.
" Veronica Cole

"I spent a VIP Day with Kelly going over my entire business, which she has ripped apart and put in totally new context for me. I’m so pleased –it’s simple and easy! I had everything going in a much too complicated manner. Her VIP Day led to my very first product that earned me an income. I got planned, I got focused. A year later I’m still referring to the material and plan that Kelly provided for me. She’s bringing out results form that I never thought possible. "
Lynn Moore , Clear Goals Coaching

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kelly and her team, as they have really put my company on the path for success. It has grown so much this past year alone thanks to the coaching and guidance I’ve received. I don’t know how I could have gotten to where I am today without it.” "
Juli Walsh , Just a Minute, LLC, www.justaminutellc.com


"Kelly has helped me find a lot of clarity over this past year in what I really want my business to be about. She says what she means, she follows through, she keeps you on track…if you have a question, she’ll answer and she’ll tell you the truth. She’ll tell you the good truth, she’ll tell you the bad truth and she’s going to help you clear up anything you need to."
Ellen Dumer


"Working with her I redefined my target market, restructured my pricing, and created cost-effective and innovative ways to market my company. People are now buying bigger packages, my time is being used more efficiently, and I’ve even been featured on CBS."
Laura Bertoldi Busy bees concierge service


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